Emergency Medical Responder Class
2021 – 2022

Texts:  Emergency Medical Responder, First On Scene 9th edition by Brady
American Heart Association BLS Provider Manual (2020 ed)

Date Topic  Skills    Reading
10/27 Preparatory I:  Intro, Public Health & Research pulse and respirations   
11/3 Preparatory II:  Safety and Wellness   blood pressure  1, 2, 3
11/10 Preparatory III: Anatomy and Physiology I    4
11/17 Preparatory IV:  Anatomy and Physiology II   5
11/24 Optional Skills Session: Vital Signs    
TBA 6PM Optional Cadaver Lab at Regis University    
12/1  Preparatory V:  Therapeutic Communication, Documentation  documentation/lifting & moving  6, 7
12/8 Airway Mgmt and Respiration I:  Anatomy, Management  OPA, NPA, suction 8
12/15   Airway Mgmt and Respiration II:  Oxygen Therapy Oxygen Admin 9
12/22 Resuscitation Physiology    
12/29 Pharmacology     Appendix 2
1/5 Assessment I:  History Taking    11, 12
1/12 Assessment II: Vital Signs   vital signs Appendix 1
1/19 Assessment III:  Primary and Secondary Assessments assessment  Appendix 3
1/26 Medical I:  Neurology, GI, Infectious Diseases, Endocrine    15
2/2  Midterm Exam; skills session  CPR, OPA, NPA, suction review
2/9 Medical II:  Psychiatric, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Renal      13, 14
2/16 Medical III:  Shock, Ethical Issues in Resuscitation    18
2/23 Trauma I:  Bleeding bleeding 17
3/2 Trauma II: Chest Trauma    21
3/9  Trauma II:  Abdominal and Orthopedic Trauma splinting 19
3/16 Trauma III:  Soft Tissue Trauma & Head, Neck, and Spine Trauma   20
3/23 No class -Spring Break    
3/30 Trauma IV:  Environmental & Multisystem Trauma spinal immobilization 16
4/6  Special Patient Populations I:  Obstetrics   22 
4/13 Special Patient Populations II:  Pediatrics   23
4/20 Special Populations III: Geriatrics med & trauma psychomotor   24
4/27 EMS Operations I:  Triage & MCIs   25, 26
4/30 8AM-6PM Optional: Wilderness and Remote First Aid Day 1 (can be a good review of the basics)    
5/1  8AM-6PM Optional: Wilderness and Remote First Aid Day 2 (extra credit given if you volunteer to be moulaged as a victim)    
5/4 EMS Operations II:  Disasters & WMDs    Appendix 4
5/11 Written Final Exam    
TBD Practical Exam Stations    
TBD Emergency Medical Responder Class Graduation Ceremony & Party    

Requirements to pass the course:
  • By the end of the course, you must have CPR & AED certification at the healthcare provider level (BLS Basic Life Support)
  • Attendance 
    • If this is your first time certifying, you may miss up to three classes.
    • If you are recertifying, you may miss up to six classes.
    • If you miss more, make up assignments may be used to replace pre-excused absences at course coordinator discretion.
  • The beginning of every class will start with a short quiz.  Please be prompt to ensure you have time to complete it.
  • Be attentive and participate during class.
  • Complete reading assignments on time.
  • Perform essential skills correctly during practical exams.           
  • Score 80% or better on:
    • homework assignments and weekly quizzes,
    • midterm exam on 2/2/2022,
    • written final exam on 5/11/2022,
    • and practical exam stations

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